Piers Greville / Artist

lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Artist Biography

Based in Melbourne, Piers Greville is currently undertaking postgraduate study (Master of Fine Arts) at the VCA.

Piers Greville works with established modes of graphic production, predominantly painting, to explore possible historical perspectives on landscape and imagination. Using landscape painting as his stage and framework within art, his past focus has been on exploring narratives and spaces resulting from concerns such as ecology, post-nature and the anthropocene. His figurative approach situates distinctly representational subjects along with distinctly ‘supernatural’ or hallucinatory artefacts. The orchestration of these relationships aims to reveal potential or otherwise invisible forces.

With an early focus on sculpture, video and curatorial actions, Piers showed in Sydney ARIs and off-sites such as Rubyare, Imperial Slacks and Mori Gallery. In Sydney, he co-founded and ran a cross-disciplinary art studio with with an emphasis on producing graphic and relational work for the public sphere. During this time he also started to develop an approach to painting. He continued to develop this, engaging in an intensely painting-focussed culture while living in Germany. Piers has lived in Melbourne since 2012.

An ongoing project from 2009, Snip Green is a contained illustrative practice through which work is published for collaborations and commercial projects internationally.


June 2017 Singularity Exhibition at C3 Gallery (Abbottsford, VIC)

Tags: Painting, Post-nature, Post-humanism, Urbanisation, Superintelligence, Postcolonial Gaze, Anthropocene

Selected Exhibitions:


May  - Singularity
Painting. solo exhibition. c3 Contemporary Artspace.


November - Sleepwalking Into a Wall
Painting. solo exhibition. The Chamber, Melbourne

April - Secret 7”
Painting as Snip Green, Amnesty International fundraiser.
Sonos Studios, Shoreditch London


November - Sublime Artifice
Painting. solo exhibition. Blindside Gallery, Melbourne

August - Vertical Littoris
Painting. group exhibition with: Bridget Mac, Seamus Heidenreich. UberFlug & Engels Kunst, Berlin

Druck Berlin
Graphics (as Snip Green), group exhibition curated by Dolly Demoratti. Stattbad, Berlin


October - A Perfect Day To Chase Tornadoes (White)
Painting. Group show Curated by Superkaleidoscope, with: André Bowen, Tim Bruniges, Harriet Clare, Lottie Consalvo, James Drinkwater, Kim Fasher, Denise Ferrante, Michaela Gleave, Christopher Horder, Zoe Keogh, Jordana Maisie, Sarah Mosca And Melissa Ramos. Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio. Berlin

August - Dixieland After Dark: Breed & Educate
Collaborative performance. With video and installation with Nana Dix, Tobias Yves Zintel, Joe Masi, Protein. At Porto Giesing, Munich

May - Grand Stand (Off)
Relational sculpture. Collaboration with Jordana Maisie ‘Grand-Stand’ public action. MCG Melbourne

Art Squat
Painting. group show. The Cricketers Arms Hotel, Sydney

April - Precipitate
Painting. solo show curated by Luckywolf. The Rats Nest, Sydney


March - Histories Collapse
Painting. Solo show. China Heights Gallery, Sydney

Curator / Director:

2003-2005 Mambo Artist, Art director. Mambo Graphics, Sydney
2002 Deskjob Co-curator. Mori Gallery, Sydney
2001 Artcastle Co-curator. Dover Heights, Sydney
1999 Bomb Tibet Co-curator. Herringbone Gallery, Sydney
1997-1998 Padma Menon Dance Theatre. Artistic director and board member.