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Siren Song Creek

Feb 7-21 2019, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney. From the gallery website: “Greville was selected as the winner of the 2018 DMG/VCA Award for his compelling examination of our environment through a deeply personal enquiry into urban existence and dwindling ecologies.” The DMG / VCA Award provides Masters graduates with a project exhibition at Domink Mersch Gallery.  Photographs by Tim Levy.  MORE >>

The John Glover Prize for landscape painting

From a record number of entries, the painting Pedder Prime Cuts won the 2019 prize. The Glover Award is “awarded annually by The John Glover Society for the work judged the best contemporary landscape painting of Tasmania” according to the official website.

An excerpt from the artist statement: 

Canoeing on Lake Pedder in 2017 in the expanse of dark water, the almost black glassy depths and mountains held me in their beauty. A feeling of being absent from human clutter and noise settled on me, but the sudden recollection that this lake is a dam, tipped everything I was thinking on its side.

The terrain consumed by Lake Pedder is concealed beneath the lake’s depths, and the voids lost in  fallible mapping. Pedder’s white quartz beaches and deep submerged hues are made up of red, green and blue of the digital world. A slightly downward view and use of a digital mapping view are important markers, offering a slight cool remove from the landscape, while enticing the view into the landscape unfolding into a broadening distance. The voids reveal a constructed concrete infinity, the diagonal checkerboard slices follow a top-down grid, prime cuts of a country cut up and sliced for consumption.

Mountains Become Islands

This group exhibition curated by Alanna Irwin will be held  at Domink Mersch Gallery had work from participating artists including: John Beard, Peta Clancy, Julia Davis, Fayen d’Evie and Bryan Phillips, Liam Garstang, Piers Greville, Julia Davis and Lisa Jones, Janet Laurence, Nike Savvas and Katie West.  MORE >>