Piers Greville / Artist

Selected works

From Vertical Littoris, a group show with Bridget Mac and Seamus Heidenreich.
Curated by UberFlug at Engels Kunst. Berlin, August 2011. Oil and acrylic on record sleeves. 

A Perfect Day for Chasing Tornadoes (white) Curated by Superkaleidoscope (Sarah Mosca and Kim Fasher). A group show with: André Bowen, Tim Bruniges, Harriet Clare, Lottie Consalvo, James Drinkwater, Denise Ferrante, Michaela Gleave, Piers Greville, Christopher Horder, Zoe Keogh, Jordana Maisie, Sarah Mosca and Melissa Ramos. Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio. Berlin, Germany. October 2010. Oil on board.

Art Squat, an offsite group exhibition in Sydney. May 2010. 
Geiststadt, 2010 (detail) oil and enamel on canvas 150cm x 250cm; 
Showroom, 2009. Oil on board, 40cm x 30cm;
Bloodoaf, 2010. Oil on board, 40cm x 30cm

Picker, 2016. Oil on canvas 180cm x 100cm , private commission.